Alice Skadsberg: Is it aging or relaxing?

Alice Skadberg

Alice Skadberg

Here I am again talking about this getting older and retirement thing.

In the last week I have had the opportunity to get together with two groups of women that have been and continue to be a part of my life. I met all of these gals through my working years as a nurse. Most of us are retired, some for years now, but some are not.

The conversations were varied but at some point during lunch we all got around to talking about some of our little “mishaps” or personal “experiences.”

All of which were hysterically funny and awkward, at the same time. It was almost like a few of the episodes from a show on TV called Golden Girls. Do you remember it? It was about a group of lady’s living together, as different as could be but good friends. The thing I noticed most about the show was how they each tolerated each others quirks. That is exactly what my two lunches were like this last week.

I am going to give you a couple of examples of those conversations. I warn you that you may become worried about these women and their mental faculties, but I assure you, we are all fine, very funny, but fine nonetheless.

Here goes: One of the gals started out talking about her having been in a hurry, recently, gabbing away, and not paying attention. She went into the men’s bathroom, stepped into a stall, sat down and shut the door. She then saw several pairs of men’s shoes walk by.

Of course, at first, she thought they were in the wrong bathroom and began to giggle. When they began to use the urinal she realized her error. She finished up, waited, and finally, quickly, got up and with head down left.

At that point several of the other gals chimed in similar stories. We all laughed. The next story was equally humorous. We were asking one of the ladies why she had not attended the funeral of a coworker of our’s. She turned a little red, laughed and stated she had gone on the wrong day. Her explanation: “What the heck were they thinking having a funeral on a Sunday, anyway.”

Now you need to know that we all laughed at that as well, and came up with an explanation for both of these stories. This is it. As we have retired and age, we tend to not pay as close of attention to things. We do not seem to feel the need to know the details as much any more. We are more “relaxed”, having no need to multitask as much and we find ourselves floating through the days with less rules to hold us accountable and more time to do “what ever.”

Those of you reading this are probably thinking, “Lord, I hope these women aren’t driving down my street.” You are probably also worried about the safety of the grandchildren we care for as we. We are driving and our grandchildren love the fun we have with them. Be reassured that most of us aren’t getting demented and most of us are safe drivers. We are just more relaxed. We do not take ourselves as seriously as we used to. We can We can laugh at ourselves and the things we do without feeling bad.

We, as a group, are very active in our old age. I love getting together with these women. I can tell them my stories and listen to theirs with no judgment. I also walk away smiling and giggling to myself. Hopefully not walking into the men’s room. I can hardly wait until the next lunch. Is it Tuesday at 11:00 am or is it Thursday at 4:00 pm? Oh! Well! Fun will be had by all.

‘Till next time, learn to laugh a little at yourself and especially enjoy your friends as you age or is it as you learn to relax. I think it is both. I certainly do.

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