BusinessNorth: Felony charges filed in case against Last Place on Earth

The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office on Monday formally charged James Robert Carlson and Joseph James Gellerman of The Last Place on Earth with multiple counts of aiding and abetting controlled substance crime in the fourth degree.

DA Mark Rubin said the felony charges were filed as a result of allegations of five separate sales of Schedule 1 stimulant controlled substances to undercover law enforcement at the business, which is owned and operated by Carlson.

“Our democracy entrusts some of us with the responsibility for your safety. The young men and women who have been buying and using synthetic drugs are in danger. They are hurting themselves; they are hurting others. Our local emergency rooms cannot keep up. The safety of those who have been buying and using—and the safety of our community—is at stake. We will do everything under the law to enforce accountability on those responsible,” Rubin said in a news release.

“Though this will not be the only place to see a community joined together in a struggle against the dealers of these deadly poisons, some measure of justice and victory will truly be achieved if The Last Place is the last place in St. Louis County where valuable and vulnerable human beings are being peddled addiction and despair on such a devastating scale.”


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