Bent Paddle Brewing Co. opening this spring in Lincoln Park

Bent Paddle Brewing owner-operators. Julia Mattson / For the Howie Blog

Bent Paddle Brewing owner-operators. Julia Mattson / For the Howie Blog

Beer drinkers in our community have reason to be excited for spring — a new craft brewery in Lincoln Park is set to open in the spring of 2013, offering quality “Golden IPA” and “Black Ale” beers.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. moved to their location at 1912 West Michigan Street in October 2012. The building is great for a brewery, with high ceilings and thick concrete floors. The brewing team looked at several locations for their new business, but felt this location was the best, since it was in the middle of the city, and close to the freeway, which is good for accessibility and signage.


Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Submitted

The brewing team is made up of two married couples: Byron and Karen Tonnis, and Colin and Laura ‘Salyards-Fryberger’ Mullen. Byron and Colin are experienced brewers with many years of experience between them, who became friends after seeing each other at brewing events. They found they had similar ideas, including a desire to start their own brewery. The company was created about two years ago, and the wives came on board to help develop it.

After lots of hard work and development, Bent Paddle Brewing now has their equipment running and is testing their machines. Bent Paddle Brewing will be operating a ‘tap room’ at their 1912 West Michigan Street location, where people can buy growlers (small jugs) of beer, or by the glass. In the tap room they will offer variations of the two beers. The beers are a Golden IPA (“IPA” stands for India Pale Ale), and is lighter in color than classic IPA. It will still have classic IPA hop flavors, and a robust malt profile. The second beer is a Black Ale, which is halfway between a porter and a stout, and will have hints of chocolate and roast.

Bent Paddle will be canning their beer in 12 ounce cans, which is new packaging in the Twin Ports. Cans are better for beer, since no light can affect the beer.

“Lake Superior water, for brewing, is great. It is some of the best water in the world,” says Byron and Colin. “Lake Superior water is very soft water, and its quality and mineral content is perfect for good brewing.”

Check out the Bent Paddle Brewing Co. web site at, and watch for announcements for when the tap room opens this spring.

A great cold beer on a hot summer day sounds good, doesn’t it?

Article submitted by Julia Mattson, Lincoln Park Business Group

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