Quote City: Dennis Lamkin on the DSSO, Duluth nightlife opportunities

Dennis Lamkin

Dennis Lamkin

Legendary Duluth community-builder on the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and the many, exciting night life opportunities in our community:

DSSO logo“I support the Symphony not only because of my love for the power of symphonic music, but for the added dimension a symphony brings to the region. It is interesting to me how often the DSSO comes up when Essentia, Cirrus, Lake Superior Consulting or UMD are recruiting personnel. We are important and relevant to the quality of life Duluth has to offer — and we are not alone in this.

About three years ago I heard a statement that the reason young people leave Duluth upon graduation from college is two-fold: the lack of an exciting night life and because of the scarcity of jobs. My response to this is, ‘hogwash’. It should be remembered that nearly 70% of the students attending UMD are not from Duluth, and returning home after graduation is somewhat expected. As for the lack of jobs, there are jobs if you have studied in the right field. As for the lack of a night life, with eleven high-quality DSSO programs, at least six world-class theatrical productions at the Duluth Playhouse, four or more concerts at Webber Music Hall, three plays at Marshall Performing Arts Center, an entire series at Mitchell Auditorium, new screenings at Zinema nearly every week, gallery openings at Prove and Tweed Museum on a monthly basis as well as phenomenal exhibits at the Duluth Art Institute and more worthwhile and meaningful fund-raisers for not-for-profit good causes than you can shake a stick at, there is plenty to do. If you are thinking that there just aren’t enough pubs and brew houses, well, that has been dispelled, too. There are several which have opened recently and more in the works. What more could one want?”

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